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This 4 oz size is for those suffering from chronic conditions. We have had extremely positive results from customers who were suffering from Cancer, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Thyroid Issues, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases, Crohn's Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, heavy metal toxicity, viral infections, scar tissue, and more.

Ingredients: Extract of Wild Harvested Shiaqga mushroom, Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil, Sacred Frankincense Oil, Organic Lemon Essential Oil, Organic Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil, and Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

The Rapid Immune Recovery has a 20x stronger concentration of the Shiaqga mushroom than the Daily Immune Restoration and 
10X More Sacred Frankincense than Daily Immune Restoration Each bottle is a 30 day supply at 4 ml per day.

Suggested Dosage: Take 1-4 ml throughout the day, either directly or in an 8oz. glass of water. Start slowly, begin with 1ml per day for a few days before increasing daily dosage. *May experience normal detoxification symptoms which may include headache, fatigue, nausea, or indigestion. If symptoms persist, reduce daily dosage.

*Please consult with your physician before introducing new dietary supplements into your health regimen.


All of our products are Certified Ceremonial Sacrament under the Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act.


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Based on 141 reviews
  1. Mirtha Koder

    Great service!

  2. julio cruz

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  3. Kelly Davis

    I enjoy the taste in water and find I drink more water thru out the day. I alternate days where I drink 2-3 droppers in one glass of water first thing in the morning and other days where I put one dropper in a glass of water and drink several times thru out the day. I immediately noticed increased energy, not a jolt of extreme energy but a long lasting steady energy. I also have increased sensations of pain in my tumor site. I understand this to be an immune response and can feel the tumor is shrinking thru self examination. I have an ultrasound in 3 weeks that should confirm this. I have taken shiaqga rapid immune recovery for only two weeks and am excited at the results so far. I eat many fruits and vegetables and avoid sugar and fat. Since starting shiaqga I now have energy to excersise and am walking 20-25 minutes 5 times a week.

  4. Kelley McCarthy

    I’ve been taking the product with very little side effects. Very tasty!!

  5. Sharon K Johns

    I really like this product as of this time of taking it. I am feeling better every day. I really do not want to run out, that is why I ordered 2 more. Thank you
    Sharon Johns

  6. Bertcelis Morales

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  7. Ashburn Piland

    Feeling great in so many ways, more energy, clearer mind and walking in a straight line!

  8. Rosa DeBraun

    I just been taking it since 3 days ago, but I feel the difference it made. The taste is like spicy cinnamon. I will recommend it to everyone.

  9. Carolyn Peisert

    So far very pleased.

  10. Michael Johnson

    Yes I am enjoying this product. I accidentally spilled more than half because the top was not tightening properly. I am now needing a refill sooner than I expected.

  11. Marilou Foster

    Getting better all the time!

  12. Frederick Beville

    So far it is great

  13. Mary Caporale

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  14. Siobhan Ashmore


  15. Lucio Ruvalcaba

    I noticed a difference in my health after a few days.
    I have been struggling for a While now with my throat and now it has improved by 80% and I feel great

  16. Tracie Bowker

    So far so good. Feeling better.

  17. Roger Briggs

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  18. Gaetano Desimone

    great product thank you

  19. Jake Mcrary

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  20. Ira Abdul-Malik

    Very helpful for my eyes

  21. Patty Smith

    The ingredients are a great combination of good things. We are hoping for it to be one of the things that beats bladder cancer.

  22. Brian Welch

    Superior Product for stimulating and supporting the immune system

  23. Horace Anthony

    5 star

  24. Michael Brown

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  25. Dennis Overlien

    I take it religiously and have noticed more energy during my workday. Thank you.

  26. Rosalyn Comer

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  27. Lori oneill

    This product is helpin my mom who was diagnosed with biliary cancer which has spread into her Liver. Within three days we all could tell a tremendous difference in her clarity, speech and color. She refused Chemotherapy and is taking natural route. Thank you so much!

  28. Randi Lechner

    Good stuff

  29. Sarah Wilson

    After a month of use, both cancer markers are down and I’m feeling. More energy, better focus and better sleep. Overall, delighted and just grateful to have been lead to this product!

  30. Victoria Green

    Too soon to tell, but I do believe it’s doing good to my body.

  31. Rosa Nazar

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  32. Florinda Bellia

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  33. Marcia

    Good product

  34. Lorrie Pande

    Just taken it for a few days now. I need to give it 2 weeks. Thanks

  35. James Greenawalt

    Taste good!, more energy, helped Arthritis pain, BSL 145 this morning. I highly recommend! Another Scan in 6 mos to see if still Cancer free!

  36. Susan Smithson

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  37. John Bleich

    I started with the immune builder a couple of weeks ago and can already see a difference in how I feel. It’s a great product.

  38. AppalachianLabyrinthLady

    I just received my first bottle and am on my first week.
    Will write a better review after the month is over.

  39. Deborah Girard

    I am loving this product and spreading the word and you tubes about this product
    I take in am on empty stomach
    Taste is great notice the energy!

  40. Debra Cecil

    I enjoy this very much thank you

  41. Leroy Smith

    Throughout the day I can tell it help with my immune system and I have plenty of energy.

  42. Shannon Brooks

    Have been using with other natural therapies to fight cancer and it us working!!! We are seeing results.

  43. Kathy Wisler

    Great taste and great ingredients!

  44. Terry Pancyrz

    My wife has chronic hive for years now and is finally taking Xolair which is as far as you can go on Prescription Drugs for this disease. She gets once a month shots, one in each arm, has to carry an epy pen with her as Xolair can cause adverse reactions. She has been on this drug since January, with very minimal relief from the itch and the boils. Our son has found your product and let me know about it, so I ordered it and she has been taking it for a week now. The boils are gone as is also the itching!
    Wonderful Product!
    Five Stars !

  45. Sandra Beardsley

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  46. Joseph Muhammad

    Thank you Dr. Dean and your staff immune recovery is a wonderful product it really helped my immune system I plan to order another bottle I live the product.

  47. Jill Sidman

    Great product!

  48. James Weires

    Easy to take straight

  49. Steve Martinez

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  50. Walter Lucas

    So far is very good

  51. Linda Gingerich

    I got this for my daughter-in-law, she is fighting cancer.

  52. Raychelle Meyers

    OMG! I gave some to some Covid 19 Patients and they are reporting they are feeling so much better. I highly recommend this to anyone with any virus, bacterial infection, or disease. It’s really works. I use it myself and feel absolutely great. Thank you so much to the makers of this awesome product.

  53. Robert Morris

    My wife has advanced pancreatic cancer. Her cancer markers dropped after the first bottle of Shiaqga. However, our subscription was delayed and she was without for nearly two weeks. Her cancer marker jumped way up. Not sure if this is coincidental or related. We will find out in a week whether her cancer markers are continuing to rise. In three weeks she will have a CT scan which will be more definitive. The product’s taste is strong but pallatable.

  54. Selena Buskirk

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  55. Michael morton

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  56. Mevis Harris

    Im so pleased about the product I can feel my immune system healing day by day. I feel that I gotten great results within the last week. I plan to keep taking it daily to be completely healed of anything that troubles me. Thank you for this product.

  57. Leeann Chirumbolo

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  58. karren tivenan

    I haven’t felt any difference so far.

  59. Carlos Escarcega

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  60. Terry Pancyrz

    I’ve been taking the Shiaqga for my chronic hives I normally was taking a large amount of antihistamines which never always worked, my son found your product and suggested I try it, it has been working so well I don’t have to use the antihistamines any longer your product is wonderf

  61. Jonni Roby

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  62. Sandra Rodie

    I have only taken the supplement for one month. I am not sure that it is making a significant difference. I am just trying to keep my immune system strong so I don’t get the Covid-19 virus. Thankfully I am healthy!

  63. Marilou Foster

    Rapid Immune is great!

  64. LeAnna Blake

    So far haven’t noticed anything, but I know it will help

  65. Myriam Caicedo

    I bought it for my husband that is inmune depressed, and it seems to be working well. I took it for a couple days because I had a sore throat and it went away quickly. I am happy with it!

  66. Robert Morris

    My wife’s cancer marker has gone down. Too early to tell if is due to Shiaqga but the drop was not expected by her Oncologist.

  67. Lorna Price

    I am trying to recover from bone cancer and after just one week I am seeing a difference in my strength and I feel sure that this is making a big difference in my overall health. I have ordered two extra bottles because I have given them to others struggling with their health.

  68. Cory Howard

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  69. Dennis Overlien

    Very good. I believe in this!!!!

  70. Justus Rooters

    I don’t know where to start, Shiagga what a name what a blessing to come across this miracle in a bottle i had a medical issue that started in March of this year as of today my situation has improved to almost all gone. I have a
    doctor appointment coming up in two weeks i will discuss my medical issues after I get my results so stay tuned….

  71. Michael Bianco

    Feels like it’s starting to help you have something to help with sinus pressure breathing thank you

  72. Michael Ensley

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  73. John Bleich

    I read about the powerful effects these mushrooms have on cancer, so I’m giving it up try.

  74. Deborah Mays


  75. William Presnell

    Seems ok. Quick delivery.

  76. Donna Kerper

    Don’t want to do without it

  77. Jeanne Flannery

    I purchased this for my son, who has cancer. Can review later.

  78. Nancy Nunke

    Tastes good. No aftertaste. I added it to my organic lifestyle and my supplements. One more great thing I am doing to stay healthy.


    I’m loving it so far.

  80. Rhonda Teague

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  81. Larry Nelson

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  82. Kathy Mancino

    So far I love this product. Can really review because I have only been taking a short while. It came very speedily though after I placed my order.

  83. Michael Schleeter

    I haven’t used it long enough to give review.

  84. Bruce Patin

    My new bottle arrived about a week before the old one ran out. That’s good. It’s too soon to tell if it’s had any effects on a tumor. Will find out in October.

  85. Arlene Mendez

    Not been a whole week since I started taking it so not sure in the long run how it will be, but feeling a little energized and not feeling so sluggish.

  86. Jolene Ainsworth

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  87. Patricia Knox

    I’ve been using this for a few months I have breast cancer and cemo my tumors are gone and I don’t have to have surgery

  88. Barbara Clutter

    Last December 2019, I had a CT scan that showed a 6mm nodules that was noted as suspicious in my right lung abd was told to follow up in 4 months with another CT scan. I had to follow up in 7 months due to Covid 19. I saw this product on Facebook a month before my appointment and read reviews. I truly believe In natural products and thought it is at least a try if no results then I only spend one month on the product. I did my following up scan the end of July and was pleasantly surprised tbe tumor had shrunk to 1.5mm. I had discussed with my doctor what I was taking and that I will now continue for the next year and do another CT scan to see if the rest of the tumor skrinks or I am in hopes disappears. Stay tuned for a follow-up in July of 2021.

  89. Kathryn Cali Cali

    I have only been taking it for a week…i will write a review in a month

  90. Nathan Drown

    Hi, I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with live metastasis on July 7th, I’ve had 2 chemo treatments, another scheduled tomorrow. So I have been slowly incorporating this product into my diet. I am current doing 2 doses a day and my goal is 3 to 6. It makes me feel refreshed initially. I am starting slowly to make sure there is no reaction to my chemo treatments. I also have been eating very healthy…almost Keto for 2 months. Feels great! After I whip this condition, I will inform you! thanks, Nate

  91. Elaine Lloyd

    I’ve been taking Shiaqga for lone full week. I feel better than I have in 20 years. I’ve gained enervy heck I’ve wasted money on products and change
    D diets to achieve energy but nothing worked until now. I’ll continue to take it this it’s spendy I’ll just have to find a way to afford it. It’s totally worth every penny

  92. Shelley Hutson

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  93. Jane Sheppard

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  94. Veronica Johnson

    This products has helped me tremendously, especially during this time of Covid-19 pandemic! I thank you!

  95. Melissa Coyne

    So far so good.

  96. Rachel Lininger

    Enjoying this new product . Trying to get immune system up having a procedure 2nd for a tumor in my liver. Hope this will help


    Great product!!!


    Too soon to rate.

  99. craig salvo

    I love it

  100. michael veys

    colon is working much better! amen

  101. Kristie Rhodes

    I’m very happy with my purchase. I have cancer in my lungs and cough because of it. This has helped my cough and I feel much better when taking it.

  102. Simonetta Brown

    I purchased this for my brother in law, it’s working well. His skin color is Rejuvenated and he’s feeling much better.

  103. TONY

    Better taste than expected, good Minty taste you won’t even feel as if you are taking a medication. Recommend this item.

  104. Robert Riddle

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  105. Vicki Gammon

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  106. Donna Kerper

    I am on the automatic delivery every month. I also am Stage 4 Cancer. As of this writing, I am Cancer free. I don’t know if this is the answer, but I’m not throwing caution to the wind. I’ll keep using it.

  107. David Grimm

    I was very skeptical, but I took a chance and ordered, hoping it would help with polyps. The first dose made me feel strange, like a mild hallucinogen, but it was only the first dose. Over the last 2 weeks, I did not notice any change in the way I feel, and was reluctant in writing a review. I have a growth inside my left nostril that has been effecting breathing for over 20 years, and I could not sleep on my right side. I woke up yesterday on my right side without any problem, so I examined the growth, and was shocked to discover that in about 2 weeks, it has shrunk more than half in size! Now, I am very optimistic with the growths on my kidneys that have me at risk for losing them, and I am hoping that there will also be a similar reduction in polyp size when I have the next radiology procedure in March.


    Boosts immunity, helps me to maintain good health, love it!

  109. Kathy Mancino


  110. Robert Frank

    Taking it every day… Love It!

  111. ANTHONY Archambault

    I got your product for my wife. She said she likes it and is taking it everyday. Im hoping it helps her.

  112. Ruth Brokaw

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  113. Customer

    This is my second bottle of Shiagga Essentials and I am impressed with the ingredients. I am taking this product for cancer and immune enhancement. I have always had good energy but I think my energy is better now and I feel great.

  114. Barbara Ward

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  115. Mary Kohls

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  116. Jasmine Kim

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  117. Simonetta Brown

    I ordered this product for my brother-in-law. He has stage 3 Lung Cancer undergoing chemo treatments and taking this product. I believe this product helps his body and immune system recover between treatment. The spot on his lung is shrinking. We’re on bottle #2. I’m thankful that a friend, who has beat cancer several times, recommended this product.

  118. Irina Kurlat

    I believe in this product, it’s too early to feel result, I will keep talking for some months and will let you know, thank you!

  119. Thomas clark

    So far so good!

  120. Kathy Mancino

    Love it

  121. Barbara Ward

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  122. Elzbieta Wierzejski

    The best product on the market for the whole body recovery .Works for my friends and myself.Very broad spectrum of diseases and damage .Rescued my body before and after two consecutive surgeries.I had a second one today.No pain,no swelling.It is God send healant.Thank you.

  123. Marcia

    taking because of cancer. Have not had a cold or anthing since taking this for the past 2 or so years.

  124. William Sterling

    First trial

  125. Kathy Freed

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  126. Sharon Walker

    The product is easy to dispense and very well packaged.

  127. Troy Nichoks

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (One Time Purchase)

  128. Barbara Sliwa

    I have Parkinson’s disease 1 stage My shake right side the bady is smaller than that I started took this supplement

  129. James Greenawalt

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  130. Adam

    This shiaqga mushroom blend is a Godsend. I firmly believe that it stopped the growth of a tumor in my neck along with the spread of the cancer that caused it. They were able to remove the tumor in my lymph node and the other lymph nodes around it came back negative for any cancer.

  131. Eric Laundrie

    My wife and I both have been using Shiaqga for 6 months now and have not been sick even a little since being on Shiaqga. Won’t go one day without it. Take it every morning with my daily am drink of collagen and beet juice. Love it, Love it, Love it.

  132. Deborah Girard

    Well 2020 did not fail me my order was sent on 12 four and I did not get it until 1230 I’ve been using it for five months and I was desperate to have my shipment arrive and when it finally did I was very happy I love this stuff and I believe in its medicinal power all I know is I just feel empty without it to start my morning and I feel it gives me that extra immune boost that I’m looking for thank you Shiaqga Happy New Year!!

  133. Fred Pari

    Great stuff could you send me another one . Or email me something so I can teorder

  134. Jimbo

    These have been a game changer and I look forward to continued progress in my health as an energetic 70 year old!

  135. Michael Mitchell

    My psa was 7 now it’s 2.5

  136. Rose Hager

    I give it a 5 star on receiving it so quickly when ordered. My husband is fighting Adenocarcinoma. He has went through Chemotherapy which shrunken his tumor on lung a little but still having some issues. He is on Immunotherapy now along with the Shiaqga. He is taking it 4 ml- 2 x’s daily. We hope its helping to shrink it more but have not taken a scan yet. I’m taking a dropper 1 x daily. The dropper don’t pull in but about .5ml at a time, so that’s what I’m taking. The bottle says a dose is 4 ml. Is that correct on dose size? I will try to let you know after the next scan my husband takes. Thank you for the Shiaqga & the opportunity to try your product.

  137. Paul Bingham

    I don’t know what worked but in addition to Keytruda I have followed the advised prescription of Shiagqa of four drops every morning for the last three months. Prior to August my entire abdomen was riddled with massive amounts of Merkel Cell Carcinoma and was approved for Keytruda treatment in September. I started with Shiagqa at about that same time in addition to many other essential oils. Three days before Christmas I went in for the CT scan. My Oncologist came in with an unbelievable smile. Gone, Gone, Gone! Don’t know what did it but it’s no longer occupying my body…

  138. Gwynda Jones

    I am a witness. Here’s my story.

    On May 21, 2020, the doctor informed me that the cancer had metastasized as he detected 3 tumors in my lungs. He also shared with me that this type of cancer, stage 4 metastatic uterine (endometrial) cancer was RARE, AGGRESSIVE with NO CURE and instructed me to get my matters in order. They recommend Chemo to slow down the spread to give me more time..

    As I listened to him intently, I also turned my ear to the Lord! I couldn’t panic, and I could not cry! Keep in mind this occurred during the pandemic.

    Faith and Works:
    I prayed, changed my diet (tied eating myshrooms), exercised as I could, but then found out about this Immune Recovery System. Started taking it.

    After my 2nd treatment, the doctor ordered a CT Scan because my lab work numbers were normal and I have very little systoms from the Chemo. The CT scan showed one tumor was undetected and the other two had shrunk.

    We continued with the other treatments as scheduled.

    I continued with the Immune Recovery System.

    God’s Promise:
    After another CT scan, November 3, 2020 the doctor was baffled! She told me the tumors were undetected and I was Cancer Free, I was in Remission. I told her, “You said, it was rare, you said it was aggressive, you said to get my affairs in order. But my God said, “I shall not die, but live to declare the works of the Lord!” God said, the prayer of faith, healed the sick. God said, He will send health and a cure, etc…and so on and so forth.”

    She looked at me as she existed and said, “you serve a good God.”

    During the entire treatment, I was never sick. The only symptoms I experienced were fatigue, dark nail-beds, and loss of hair. The doctor noted that I was a-systematic cancer.

    I will praise thee, O Lord , with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.
    Psalms 9:1

    Bless the Lord , O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Bless the Lord , O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth “ALL” thy diseases;
    Psalms 103:1-3

    Glory to God, I am Grateful!

    Thank you Lord!

    L.I.V.E. Living in victory everyday!

  139. Mary Ellen Robinson

    This brought my ca125 cancer marker numbers down from 180 to 55 in about 2 weeks!

  140. Pamela Sellars

    RAPID IMMUNE RECOVERY (Subscription)

  141. Kork Chea

    I have some some side effects like sinus and headache. It seam it working I can feel it after 2 Bottles.

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Shiaqga’s Essentials Rapid Immune Recovery is one of nature’s most potent and comprehensive immune system boosters available. Its fast-acting chemical nature is designed to repair damaged cells, modulate existing cells for optimum performance while stimulating the production of T-cells. Shiaqga Essentials offers this to help you recover from chronic illness and stay healthy while exploring medical treatments. For most, benefits can be felt in as soon as 40 minutes, delivering heightened energy and increased immune response all day. Discover what you can achieve with this premium, natural, high-purity, and safe extract blend.


Repair Healthy Cell Function
Stimulate The Immune System
Upgrade Energy
Work with Balanced Diets


In addition to immediate neurochemical and physiological effects, Shiaqga Rapid Immune Recovery goes a step further addressing long-term cellular health function, especially important for persons wanting to optimize the immune system and T-cells to fight off chronic illness.


  • Regenerates stem cells
  • Promotes healthy muscles & nerves
  • Elevates energy and metabolic support


There is no hassle. You do not have to make a case to us. If you do not love Rapid Immune Recovery for any reason, simply get in touch via email ([email protected]) and let us know you’d like a refund. That’s it.

30 Day Money Back Return Policy applies as a full refund within 30 days for all first time purchasers of an initial order of product, or final order of a subscription. It does not apply to an individual’s additional product orders placed after an initial order. Limit one (1) guarantee per product, per household.